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Web Surveys

Web surveys are now popular because of their low cost and the proliferation of smart devices. Applications Alternatives is now offering SharePoint based web surveys that can track customer opinions of businesses and government. SharePoint offers a number of advantages over the Survey Monkey type web survey packages:


1. If you have your own SharePoint installation, you do not have to incur any additional expenses.

2. If you have a fixed group of respondents, each one can have their own ID and password, eliminating duplicate surveys and increasing security and data integrity.

3. You can access survey results instantaneously without the need to manually download the results to an Excel spreadsheet.

4. If you have SharePoint installed on your own hardware, you do not need to be dependent on a vendor's server, increasing security.

We have a demonstration web survey that you can look at. Please enter respondent<@>appalt.com (without the "<" and ">") as your user name. Please e-mail david.kiasi<@>appalt.com or click here if you have Outlook, for the password. This survey records simple customer satisfaction data.

Click here for our analysis of SharePoint Surveys.

Click here for the demonstration survey.


Last Modified: 6/28/2018