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Applications Alternatives 

    Survey and Analytics Information Technology Specialists



Services That We Provide

Applications Alternatives provides the following services:

                Survey Information Technology

      Business/Requirements Analysis

      Computer Applications Development

      Analytics Information Technology

      Survey Creation and Processing


Why Use Applications Alternatives?

      Extensive expertise in informational survey IT including extensive SAS experience.

      Low overhead, affordable prices.

      Certified minority business to meet Maryland and Prince Georges County subcontractor requirements.

      Business of high integrity and customer service.


Survey Areas That We Support

Regarding our Informational Survey Technology, for small sized businesses, we can provide complete survey services. For large businesses and the government, we can provide services in the areas identified in burgundy, below, The following is a list of items required to conduct a survey:

      Creation of the survey questions

      Creation of the survey Instrument

      Creation of survey universe

      Sampling process

      Initialization of survey

      Receipt of surveys

      Data entry (if applicable)


      Non-respondent followup




      Survey results document








Applications Alternatives is flexible, adapting to unique situations, whether technical or managerial.  Above all, we provide high-quality services for our clients.  We will not end our involvement until the job is completed to your/our satisfaction.

Last Modified: 6/28/2018