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                                  Prince George's County 2018 Primary Election Results


Applications Alternatives predicted 82/% of the contested county wide 2018 Prince George?s County primary winners. See below:

Candidate Predicted to Win


Angela Alsobrooks, County Executive


Aisha Braveboy, State?s Attorney


Melvin High, Sheriff


Mel Franklin, at-large Councilmember


Juanita Miller, at large Councilmember


Cereta Lee, Register of Wills


Undetermined for Clerk of Circuit Court


Wendy Alice Cartwright, Orphan?s Court Judge


Athena Groves, Orphan?s Court Judge


Vicki Orem, Orphan?s Court Judge



Prince George's County 2018 Primary Election Poll*


May Poll

Although the numbers appear to have changed since the March poll, there is no significant difference between the March County Executive poll results and the May results. The margin of error for the May poll is + or - 7.2%, n = 185. Angela Alsobrooks continues to hold a double digit lead and Anthony Muse is a distant third.


For the second poll conducted from April 20, 2018 to April 27, 2018, we found no significant difference between the March 2018 findings and the April 2018 findings.


March Poll

Conducted by Applications Alternatives, March 20, 2018 to March 26, 2018

















* All results for Democratic Party offices have a margin of error of +- 11,17%, n = 77. Results for Circuit Court Judges have a margin of error of + - 10.96%, n = 80. Poll was taken of likely voters, mostly older. Results were weighted by Legislative District, Council District, and Gender.

Last Modified: 6/28/2018