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  SharePointTM Surveys

Applications Alternatives is experienced with SharePoint Surveys. We are presenting the following list of advantages and disadvantages of SharePoint Surveys so that you may consider this option for conducting web surveys:



1. Since Sharepoint Surveys often resides inside of an organizationís firewall, it is more secure than other web survey software.

2. Sharepoint Surveys can be dynamically linked to Microsoft Access, probably SQL Server. This allows users to generate custom reports of the current status of the survey rather than wait until a periodic manual download of the data. Manual downloads depend on staff taking responsibility for this. What happens if that person is out sick or on vacation? This problem is eliminated with Sharepoint Surveys.

3. If an organization has Sharepoint, Sharepoint Surveys are free.

4.  Sharepoint Surveys allow for separate accounts for respondents. This prevents a person from representing themselves as someone else. Most popular survey packages donít have this feature.

5.  Sharepoint Surveys can exist on an organizationís servers. This is helpful if a user is uneasy about its data being stored on the vendorís servers.



1. Using the default SharePoint Surveys feature, a respondent cannot go back to a previous survey page without causing an error that prevents that response from being modified. There are two ways to resolve thisó1) Users must be told not to click the back arrow on the screen. If they want to change their response, they can instruct the administrator to make the change. 2) If SharePoint Forms is available, there is code that can be added to create a back button that will allow users to change information on previous survey pages without inducing errors. 3) If the user does use the back arrow, the administrator can create a new account for that user and develop back end processes that will delete the original account response once the data is exported from SharePoint Surveys. 4) The survey can be designed to only reside on one survey page. This will work if the survey has a limited number of questions or all of the questions are mandatory.

2. Without access to SharePoint Forms, the survey creator cannot change the fonts.

3. To access a survey, a respondent must log into SharePoint and then go to another screen before the survey appears. On the contrary, popular packages allow a respondent to quickly get to the survey.

4. Sharepoint Surveys does not have a feature for e-mailing potential respondents. It is assumed that other software will handle this.

5. Sharepoint Surveys does not have a feature for handling non-respondents. This must be done by other software.

6. Sharepoint Surveys has no feature for generating reports.

7. Sharepoint Surveys cannot work on smart phones.

8. You can't backup Sharepoint Surveys that you create. The entire Team Site can be backed up and restored but one needs help from the system administrators.

Last Modified: 4/5/2018